A neighbor recently mentioned that we have not been doing such a great job of updating this blog. Our sincere apologies; we get so focused on pushing information out on the listserv, our Facebook page, on Twitter, etc., that we forget about our blog over here! We’ll try to be better about updating things here, as well, for those of you who don’t follow those other channels. Here’s a little something that went out on Facebook this evening.

As many of you know, 2627 W 45th is now the location of a potential new street serving The Grove PUD. A neighbor started a petition to protest this recent addition to the zoning case, and we share the community’s concerns about the impact to traffic and safety from this proposed road. In only two days the petition has received enormous support, and we urge your support as well!

We have also requested detailed information from City management regarding the lack of study and analysis on this proposed street extension. Many questions remain: (1) How does this new street connection impact traffic on 45th and the safety of residents turning in and out of their driveways and neighborhood streets? (2) Can this new intersection be properly designed on this small SF-2 lot? (3) How can the developer legally build a street on a property restricted to residential use? We are awaiting answers to these questions and more, and we have suggested a public meeting be held with City staff and neighbors regarding the traffic impacts of this and all areas around The Grove site. Updates to come!

The petition can be found here.