Coverage by the Austin Chronicle

Excellent article about The Grove in this week’s Austin Chronicle:

“By the time ARG Bull Creek, Ltd. (separate from MileStone Community Builders) won the bid for the state-owned, 75-acre plot of land at 45th and Bull Creek Road last year, homeowners in the area had already done their research. Armed with a survey of 700 residents, the Bull Creek Road Coalition approached the developer with its eye on negotiation.”

The Bull Creek Road Coalition continues to have both eyes squarely on productive negotiation, and we look forward to working with MileStone to find a truly shared vision for this important development.

Read the full article here.

This week’s Austin Chronicle also contained several letters to the editor from residents living in the BCRC coverage area.

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  1. This shows organizing in advance is a good plan. I hope that the new development will add to, and not detract, from the Rosedale and Allendale areas. I do not see why we cannot have rooftop and wall gardens, watered with greywater, affordable housing, and UNDERGROUND or INDOOR parking so we don’t have to look at cars (Or have them heat up either.) Thanks BCRC.

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