UPDATE as of 10/18/16: The Mayor and Council signaled today at their work session that they did NOT want to have a substantive discussion on The Grove PUD this Thursday. Mayor Adler stated: “My sense is that there are still moving pieces. For that reason, I’m not sure it’s constructive for us to put the neighborhoods through yet another drill.” We agree, and we believe testimony by neighbors to the Council have the biggest impact when there is a meaningful discussion and true vote on the PUD.

So what is happening at this Thursday’s Council meeting? The Mayor and many Council Members indicated support for taking a “placeholder vote” that approves The Grove on first reading with ZAP recommendations and the commercial entitlement caps recommended by BCRC and CM Pool’s amendments. The intent of this vote, per the Mayor, is to keep the PUD moving forward while providing more time to get answers to important questions still remaining about The Grove. Both CM Pool and CM Gallo were supportive of the Mayor’s approach.

What should YOU do on Thursday? BCRC leadership will be at the Council meeting to reiterate our position to Build a Better PUD, and we’d be happy to see supportive faces! But public testimony is not desired at this meeting, and there will be no “time certain” for The Grove item so it is unknown when exactly in the afternoon the PUD will come up. If you can’t be at the meeting on Thursday to lend a supportive presence, be sure to do the following!

(1) EMAIL COUNCIL today and encourage them to support Council Member Pool’s amendments to The Grove PUD.

(2) GO TO CITY HALL prior to Thursday afternoon and sign up in opposition to (“Against”) The Grove PUD as proposed at the kiosks in the lobby. The Grove is item 33 on the agenda, and you can simply indicate your opposition without having to speak.

(3) PLAN TO ATTEND the future Council meeting when the details and merits of The Grove PUD will be discussed and voted on. This should occur in mid/late November, and we’ll announce the date when we have it.

Thank YOU for your continued support! Our collective voice is truly making a positive impact on this important development, and we can only continue making progress to #BuildaBetterPUD with YOUR help.