UPDATE 12/15/16:

Council approved The Grove on 3rd reading with the BCRC/ARG mediated agreement intact! Thanks to all the awesome neighbors for helping us make this PUD better for everyone. Thanks as well to Mayor Adler and Council Member Pool for playing an integral role in keeping the mediated agreement together on the dais!

But the effort to #BuildaBetterPUD doesn’t stop here! There is STILL work to do including lobbying the State Facilities Commission to make sure the bridge over Shoal Creek happens, working with the D7 and D10 offices to source part of the off-site sidewalk funds from the Safe Routes to School program, and monitoring the site plan process to ensure the ordinance is enforced.

Thanks everyone for all your support!


UPDATE 12/4/16:


After countless hours, marathon meetings, and many late nights, the Bull Creek Road Coalition (BCRC) is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with ARG on The Grove PUD.  While this agreement is conditional in that it relies in part on the parties receiving support from the City, we are hopeful that the City will provide this support and that BCRC and ARG can move to a phase of collaboration and cooperation in the execution of the agreement.

The agreement does not include all of the changes to the PUD advocated by the BCRC for the past 20 months, but we believe it addresses many important issues to the surrounding neighborhoods and advances multiple priorities in our campaign to #BuildaBetterPUD.

The main highlights of the agreement between the BCRC and ARG are listed below.  If it sounds complicated, it’s because it is!  But BCRC leadership and neighborhood volunteers will be working with ARG, City staff, and Council offices to work through the details of the agreement, make a good faith effort to receive its ultimate approval from the City this year, and ensure the objectives of the agreement are properly incorporated and executed in the PUD ordinance language.  We so appreciate everyone’s support through this lengthy process.


* Retention of the 1,515 residential unit entitlement with a 25% increase in the number of on-site affordable for-sale and rental units and support for alternative City funding in place of impact fee waivers to help in providing that additional affordable housing.  The 650 apartment unit cap will be removed to promote these increases.

* A reduction of 25,000 square feet in office and 10,000 square feet in retail entitlements for a new cap of 185,000 square feet of office and 140,000 square feet of retail.  The single retail tenant cap is reduced to 35,000 square feet and the allowable cocktail lounge (bar) entitlements are reduced by 33% to 10,000 square feet maximum.

* Greater restrictions on development within 75 feet of Bull Creek Road adjacent to the Oakmont Heights neighborhood including a 25 feet setback, maximum 35 feet height, two attached units maximum, and other associated development standards.


* The Jackson Avenue connection to 45th Street through two existing homes is eliminated.

* An approximately 1,000 trip reduction in the total unadjusted trip cap.

* A total of approximately $1.3 million in neighborhood traffic mitigation and safety improvements including sidewalks, traffic circles, speed tables, and enhanced crosswalks for Shoalmont, Oakmont Heights, Ridgelea, Highland Park West, and adjacent areas funded through cost-sharing between ARG and the City and constructed at cost by ARG. The exact scope of the improvements will be determined after feasibility analysis and consultation with the City.


* An independent technical review of The Grove’s drainage system will be completed by an engineer selected by mutual agreement of the Ridgelea Neighborhood Association and ARG to certify no adverse drainage impact to downstream properties.

* A 10 foot drainage easement will be reserved along the shared property line between The Grove and Idlewild.

* ARG places $50,000 in escrow for a Ridgelea Neighborhood Association escrow fund if needed for future claims related to drainage from The Grove.


* Total credited parkland increases to 14.48 acres.

* A PARD-approved parkland management agreement that includes a management committee with two neighborhood representatives (1 resident in surrounding neighborhoods and 1 resident in the future Grove neighborhood) and provisions related to amendments of the annual programming plan.

* Outdoor amplified noise cut-off at 9 PM Sun-Thurs, 9:30 Fri-Sat, for commercial and parkland uses in the PUD.